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In January of this year, staff members of Charna’s Kids Club Sibling Support Program were recognized for their integral roles within a team of professionals who provided exceptional care for a young inpatient and his family. Everyone within this group received The Team of the Month Award which was presented at the NewYork-Presbyterian Key Personnel Meeting.

This award honors a team of employees from several departments within the hospital network: the NewYork - Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, the NYP / Columbia Residency Program, the Ambulatory Care Department, and the Lang Scholar Program.

All together, these employees demonstrated excellence in their teamwork and communication skills during a time of crisis which impacted an entire family within our Washington Heights community. During this extraordinarily difficult time, this outstanding, multidisciplinary group of employees and healthcare providers worked together for the benefit of this patient. While some of them had never even met prior to this incident, they provided the best support possible for the patient’s family, friends, and the greater NYP Lang Youth community. It was their compassion, unrelenting determination, experience, and first-rate expertise which allowed them to quickly form a comprehensive and successful treatment plan for this young patient.

As part of this team, Charna’s Kids Club Sibling Program staff members provided support to the patient’s extended family members and friends during visiting hours. Our care and concern for this patient continued in the following weeks as well. Our staff members generously provided their time and resources to the greater Lang community, mentoring their staff and students on the use of our therapeutic materials. Then, they were able to provide ongoing support for this patient and his close friends, siblings, and his family.

Congratulations, team!