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Charna’s Kids Club has received international recognition from hospital administrators around the world. Healthcare professionals from foreign countries such as China, England, Thailand, and many others have visited our “home away from home” with the intention of establishing a similar program within their own hospitals. They have demonstrated a special interest in the following events and accomplishments of our unique therapeutic sibling support program.

Ronald McDonald House

In partnership with the Ronald McDonald House Hospital Outreach Program, “Charna’s Kids” have attended various events throughout the year. These included a fun day at Rye Play Land, a Carnival Block Party, and a fantastic Super Hero Day. Representatives from the New York Police and Fire Departments and the Coast Guard were present to congratulate the children for being the real Super Heroes in this world. It is they who are fighting life-threatening illnesses alongside their siblings.

Charna's Kids Club Original Journal

This journal was authored by our very own staff members and is intended for hospitalized children who are under strict isolation protocols. Because of its successful therapeutic benefits, it has been distributed throughout the entire hospital. It is used as a tool to empower these young patients and their siblings.

Meet the Composer

In conjunction with a Broadway composer, children who are affected by illness are given the opportunity to write a song. This song is uniquely created just for that child, and it is performed by the composer at a special assembly at the Ronald McDonald House. “Charna’s Kids” have experienced great joy, honor, and a sense of validation through this program.